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  • Global control on all adaptivities (h-adaptivity 2D & shell, r-adaptivity 2D & 3D / shell & solid)

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  • ADPOPT=7 is for 3D r-adaptivity. R-adaptivity often refers to global remeshing to achieve better quality of mesh, while h-adaptivity means refining/coarsening the mesh locally element by element. [2]​ [ex]

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  • ADPENE>0 turns on the local refinement in tetrahedron-based remeshing. [3] [ex]

  • *DEFINE_BOX_ADAPTIVE can be used to define multiple boxes in space with different remeshing mesh size, which is a good alternative of ADPENE for mesh refinement and coarsening. [4,5]

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KW_ctrladp - local
  • IADPFC=1 turns on run-time control of 3D tetrahedron-based r-adaptivity through control files, where adaptive control parameters can be redefined individually for different adaptive parts. The third-party remeshing tool can be used without interrupting the adaptive procedure. [5,6] [ex]


  • Global control on remeshing and remapping in 3D r-adaptivity.

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KW_ctrladp - cf
  • RMIN & RMAX defines the global minimum and maximum mesh sizes when remeshing in 3D r-adaptivity. [8]

  • CID & SEGANG defines orbital axis and angular mesh size ONLY for 3D orbital r-adaptivity. [9] [ex]


KW_ctrlrm - orbital
KW_ctrlrm - rm
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