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Computational and Multi-scale Mechanics Group (CMMG) was formed by Dr. C.T. Wu in 2003 to offer the state-of-the-art capabilities of CAE tools for product design and engineering. We are conducting emergent research to make an impact in industries. Our research philosophy is “crisply identifying the problem and solving it effectively”. Our goal is to foster virtual product development validation by inventing new computational methodologies and combining them with advanced computing technologies into the conceptual design phase of product development process.

Our research group has been working closely with academia and industry on the cutting-edge technologies to solve the challenging computational problems across different spacial scales in solid and structure analyses. Our research and development results have been published in journal articles, implemented into LS-DYNA® commercial software package and widely used in various industrial applications from material design, manufacturing to structural analysis. 

Since 2016, CMMG has been devoted to the next-generation CAE software for the light-weight vehicle development. It is an innovative simulation-based tool that intelligently generates, transfers and integrates the data in the linkage of process-structure-property-assembly-performance for the virtual vehicle design and analysis. We are actively incorporating several leading automakers in building the prototype. The final product will meet the compelling needs from the global auto industry in solving critical computer modeling problems, such as new material characterization, joint modeling, structure and connection failure, during the virtual vehicle developing process. 

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