*RVE_ANALYSIS_FEM (LS-DYNA version: Beta, double precision, SMP/MPP)

  • RVE analysis using FEM


   Card 1

  • MESHFILE: name of the user-defined mesh file including the node and element info. The                                 boundary conditions are stored in a new file named "rve_MESHFILE".

   Card 2

  • INPT:   =0: the program will analyze the RVE mesh and generate (or overwrite) the boundary                         condition file.

                    =1:​ the boundary condition file is provided by the user.

  • OUPT: =1: RVE homogenization results will be output to a database file "rveout".

  • LCID:   loading curve id specified by the keyword "*DEFINE_CURVE".

  • IDOF:  the dimension of the RVE problem (2 or 3).

  • BC:      type of the boundary condition

               ​    =0: periodic boundary conditions.

                   =1: displacement boundary conditions.

  • IUNI:   algorithm id for applying periodic boundary conditions (BC = 0)

                   =1: for matching mesh (direct search & nearest neighbor)​.

                   =0: for non-matching mesh (less efficient).

   Card 3

  • E11:    Green strain component in 11 direction.

  • If the input for a strain component is empty, stress-free condition will be applied in that direction. For 2D problems (IDOF=2), inputs for E33, E23, E13 are ignored.

*DATABASE_RVE (LS-DYNA version: Beta, double precision, SMP/MPP)

  • Output of the RVE homogenization results to a ASCII database file named “rveout”.


   Card 1

  • DT:    time interval of database output