• ​Recommended LS-DYNA version: R9.1.0 or newer, double precision, SMP/MPP

       (Guidance to particle display in LS-PrePost for EFG)

Taylor bar impact [in] [1]




Simple forging [in] [3]

  • Local refinement

  • Keywords




Hot forging [in] [4]


Orbital forming [in] [5]

  • Orbital remeshing

  • Keywords


Multiple parts [in1,in2] [6]

  • Run-time control

  • Manual remeshing

  • Keywords




  • ​Recommended LS-DYNA version: Beta, double precision, SMP

       (Display crack path by checking "HistVar #1" in "fcomp" of LS-PrePost)


Kalthoff plate impact [in]

  • Crack in brittle material

  • 2D plain strain

  • Keywords



Twisted cylinder [in]

  • Crack in ductile material

  • 3D shell

  • Keywords



  • ​Recommended LS-DYNA version: R9, double precision, SMP/MPP


Rubber bushing [in]

  • Rubber material

  • Keywords