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  • RVE Analysis in LS-DYNA for High-fidelity Multiscale Material Modeling, 2021 PDF

  • LS-DYNA Advanced FEM, Meshfree and Particle Methods, 2019   PDF1   PDF2

  • Development of New Simulation Technology for Compression Molding of Long Fiber Reinforced Plastics using LS-DYNA, 2018   PDF

  • Smoothed Particle Galerkin Method with a Momentum-Consistent Smoothing Algorithm for Coupled Thermal-Structural Analysis in LS-DYNA, 2018   PDF

  • New features of 3D adaptivity in LS-DYNA, 2017   PDF

  • Representative Volume Element (RVE) analysis using LS-DYNA, 2017   PDF

  • LS-DYNA Smooth Particle Galerkin (SPG) Method, 2017   PDF

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