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The Meshfree-enriched FEM (ME-FEM) [1] is a displacement-based formulation using simplex elements, which introduces an extra freedom for enriched and smoothed strains to achieve the discrete divergence-free properties in the nearly incompressible regime. This is done by adding an enriched meshfree node into the standard linear finite element using a first-order convex meshfree approximation and performing an area-weighted strain smoothing using a simple integration integration rule. ME-FEM is inf-sup stable.

  • Advantage

    • Passes the patch test

    • No volumetric locking issue in the incompressible limit

    • No spurious zero energy mode

    • No oscillation in the pressure field

  • Current implementation [ex]

    • 3D solid using special 5-noded element [2]

    • Explicit and implicit analysis

  • Keyword


  • Application​​​

    • Rubber-like material

Pressure field

Nano-particle-reinforced rubber 

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