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Hot forming of Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (L-FRTP) [1,2]

  • Collaboration with JSOL

  • Glass fiber: Tepex® flowcore (Bond-Laminates GmbH)

    • Length: 30-50mm

    • Orientation: 2D random

    • Volume fraction: 47%

  • Matrix: Polyamide Nylon6 (PA6)

  • Numerical modeling

    • Material law: Temperature-dependent plasticity model 

    • De-bonding is considered

    • Thermal-mechanical coupled analysis

    • Numerical method: Adaptivity

Courtesy of JSOL

Adaptive remeshing and refinement improve the mesh quality for large material flow in this hot forming process. Constraints between fibers and matrix are imposed implicitly through momentum-consistent mapping scheme.

Courtesy of JSOL

Adaptive refinement greatly improves the representation of product geometry as well as helps to capture the fine deformation profile of matrix and fibers during forming process. The result of temperature field reveals that the thermal-mechanical coupling works very well.

Courtesy of JSOL

The results show comparable details in deformation field, which indicates its great potential for this type of application.

Courtesy of JSOL

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