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This workshop will be hosted by Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC) at the Pleasanton Marriott Hotel, Pleasanton, CA, on March 10~12, 2019.

The workshop will focus on recent work by a number of distinguished researchers in Meshfree Method and Computational Mechanics. It is also an opportunity to recognize Professor J.S. Chen’s contribution in Computational Mechanics.

Professor Chen obtained his PhD from Northwestern University, where his thesis advisors were Professors T. Belytschko and W.K. Liu. After teaching at University of Iowa and UCLA, he joined the Structural Engineering Department at UCSD in 2013 as the inaugural holder of the William Prager Chair Professor. Professor Chen’s research has taken him to several areas of computational mechanics ― meshfree/particle method, computational geo-mechanics, multiscale materials modeling, computational solid and structural mechanics, and modeling of extreme events. Professor Chen received many awards including the Computational Mechanics Award from IACM, The ICACM Award from ICACM, the Ted Belytschko Applied Mechanics Award from ASME, the Belytschko Medal from USACM, among others. Professor Chen is also the Fellow of USACM, ASME, IACM, ICACM, EMI and ICCES.

Professor Chen has been actively involved in the computational mechanics community. He organized many mini-symposia in computational mechanics conferences. He was the President of USACM from 2010-2012, and the President of ASCE (EMI) from 2015-2017. He has served as an Editor, Associated Editor and Editor-in-Chief in several journals, and is the committee member in many organizations, conferences and schools. Professor Chen’s research work has positively and significantly influenced the path that research in computational mechanics and its applications to technology has taken in the past two decades.

This workshop will bring together the leading researchers, including colleagues, friends, and students of J.S., to share their collaborations and research work. The workshop aims to showcase the full range of topics in Computational Mechanics, and includes particular themes of meshfree method, IGA, etc., reflecting the interests of J.S.’s research work.

In celebration of Professor J.S. Chen's 60th birthday


  • John O. Hallquist (Honorary Chair, LSTC)

  • David Benson (Co-chair, LSTC)

  • C.T. Wu (Chair, LSTC)


Technical Committee

  • Yuri Bazilevs (Brown University)

  • David Benson (LSTC)

  • Sheng-Wei Chi (U. of Illinois, Chicago)

  • Michael Hillman (Pennsylvania State U.)

  • Jacob Koester (Sandia National Lab)

  • Pai-Chen Guan (National Taiwan Ocean U.)

  • Chunhui Pan (Caterpillar Inc.)

  • Dong Qian (U. of Texas, Dallas)

  • Xiaodan Ren (Tongji University)

  • Dongdong Wang (Xiamen University)

  • Huiping Wang (General Motors Co.)

  • Lihua Wang (Tongji University)

  • Haoyan Wei (U. of California, San Diego)

  • C.T. Wu (LSTC)


Local Organizing Committee

  • Yan Han (Westinghouse Electric Co.)

  • Jane Hodge (Chair, LSTC)

  • Wei Hu (LSTC)

  • Hailong Teng (LSTC)

  • Youcai Wu (LSTC)

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