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Concurrent multiscale simulation avoids the phenomenological models by directly establishing the connection between the microstructure and the macro-response of materials using RVE analysis.

Each Integration point in the macro-structure is linked to a microscale RVE and the macroscopic response (e.g. stress) is obtained through homogenization. Its computational cost become affordable through RVE model reduction methods, such as deep material network and SCA.

10° Unidirectional-fiber Coupon Model

(joint project with Prof. Wing Kam Liu’s group in Northwestern University)

  • Fibers aligned 10° off the loading direction.

  • At each integration point, a UD RVE model is analyzed by SCA method.

  • UD RVE (100k elements) solved in the microscale.

  • Computational cost: 16 hours on 160 cpus.

Concurrent model of UD coupon based on SCA

von Mises Stress (Mpa)

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