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Bird strike CFRP laminate

  • Numerical modeling

    • Material law of CFRP: Peri-laminate model

    • Material failure: Peri-bond-failure model

    • Numerical method

              CFRP laminate modeled by Peri-Dynamic​s (laminate version)

              Impactor modeled by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)

The Peri-Dynamics laminate formulation uniquely defines a set of inner-/inter-layer bonds considering the matrix and fibers with different orientations. Uniform mesh for each thin layer of laminate can be used to simplify the meshing procedure. The results of ball impact and bird strike on CFRP laminate demonstrate its capability to capture both in-plane failure and de-bonding between layers, which is very challenging for conventional methods.

Ball impact

Bird strike

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