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May 08, 2019
In Methodology
I'm applying the peridynamic method to model a laminate: Assume the laminate's lowermost surface is at z=0, and the uppermost at z=1 and consists of three equally thick layers. I define four nodes in *Section_Solid_Peri to model ... a solid. Now the question is: Do I put the individual layers at z=1/6, 3/6 and 5/6, or at z=0, 1/3 and 2/3. The reason I'm asking: In d3hsp the solids, that are "internally constructed" are reported, in the section " s o l i d e l e m e n t s". I.e. let's assume the example "ex7ball_impact.k", where d3hsp reports that the solid #241 is constructed through the nodes 400964 400963 400962 400961 and 401124 401123 401122 401121 (i.e. by connecting the initial quad-elements #241 and #281).


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